Lean project management.

Our project managers can work with your team and help you to adapt the best practices from lean project delivery management and fine tune your current way of work.

Project manager consulting

Reality today follows lean project delivery management approach. The need to fail fast and fail often is a must requirement for all projects. Bring product features earliest to market and gain the feedback so that they develop ahead in iterations. The lean project development approach enables develop products iteratively and continuously.

A-Wave offers lean project management consultants to work with your teams to deliver your projects. We can also help you to adapt the best practices from lean project delivery management and fine tune your current way of work.

Our way to deliver lean projects

Before – You start your project



You have a solid idea and of course you believe that this idea should work … that’s the reason you want to start a project to deliver your website or mobile application. But what if there is no real user need for the mobile application or a market for your idea?

To solve this problem, in many cases, we propose that before starting the actual development work you should first make a small concept validation. This can crystallise your idea and identify what are the main items needed to make the first MVP. After this work it’s easy to make a detail project plan & budget to deliver your project.

During – Your project is on the way



Our lean project managers delivers projects by using agile & lean project management methodologies like Scrum and Kanban. We strongly believe that all software development must follow agile practices to produce the best results for all stakeholders.

During the development process we’ll turn your MVP to a commercial grade product. All our project managers and developers have excellent skills to use JIRA and steer development team in agile way. By following agile & lean project methods we’ll see together how the product will evolve and you will have a flexibility to steer feature development based on the feedback received from your real end users (beta testing).

Once reaching the point that you want to officially release the product we’ll perform final QA based on your requirements. We will iron out the bugs in preparation for launching the product to production.

After – Maintain and future development



We know that a fully ready product today will be outdated tomorrow. This is a fact that you need to accept.

This is the reason why we make sure that during the development process all needed documentation is done properly. Maintenance and future development is easy and flexible to execute. We make sure that you will have access to all code & documentation if you wish to take over development and continue with your internal resources.

Lean project management

For a successful project it’s essential to apply the principles of Lean Project Management to meet today’s reality. By following the lean project management and delivery you will save time and money. Our training services can be tailored based on your custom / organisation needs.