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For a successful project it’s essential to apply the principles of Lean Thinking to meet today’s reality.

Lean project management thinking

For a successful project it’s essential to apply the principles of Lean Thinking to meet today’s reality. By following lean project management and delivery you will save time and money and the same principles can also be applied to business development, sales, product development and to almost any kind of project / process.  By applying a framework designed of Lean Thinking, you can learn how to redefine the way you look at project management and delivery success and how you can deliver business value from these projects. The simple goal is to minimize risk and maximize business value.

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Build – Measure – Learn

“Customer Discovery” is a part of the Lean startup methodology and can be applied to any kind of activity. Most commonly this is used for development but we have successfully applied the same principles to sales, marketing and even HW development. During this phase the main idea is to seek to gather evidence to guide selected process towards the best solution, without allowing bias to influence them.

The general lean principle for Build – Measure – Learn iterative loop is like this:

  1. Developing a version of your product / MVP (this is your idea / hypothesis)
  2. Measure customer reactions to test the hypothesis (getting “out of the building” and verifying are customers interested)
  3. Lean & innovate based on data collected from customers

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